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How does a security system work?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

A Honeywell Security System is comprised of a few, basic parts: the control panel, keypad, alarm sirens, and sensors.

Vital to the operation of any security system is the central processing unit known as the control panel. The control panel has two sources of power -- an AC or DC transformer and a backup battery. The backup battery automatically provides power to the control panel during a blackout or wide-scale power outage.

The alarm keypad is either hardwired to the control panel or directly built in. Keypads can come in many forms, including graphic touchscreens, wireless keypads, and wired keypads. The alarm keypad is used for system programming as well as system arming/disarming.

Notification devices, like sounders and sirens, are put in place to alert residents of a break in.

Motion detectors, Door/Window Sensors , and Glassbreak sensors are mounted throughout the home to detect possible intrusion from any home access point, like a door or window. When the security system is armed, these sensors are activated, and will trigger an alarm if an intruder attempts to break in.

Two Types of Home Security Systems:

1. Self-monitored: The system is self-contained and does not send a signal to a third-party or the police. The system merely sounds an alarm when a detector is triggered.

2. Central Station Monitored: Your security system sends alarm signals to a company over telephone lines, internet lines, cellular networks, or even all three. The operator on the other end dispatches police and fire personnel to your home in the event of an emergency.

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