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How do I install a 5800RP wireless repeater?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013
To install a 5800RP Wireless Repeater...
Turn off all DIP switches and connect power to the repeater using an AC Transformer, like the 1332. The repeater will now relay all 5800 series wireless signals to your Honeywell Control Panel. If you want the repeater to be supervised, the device serial number needs to be programmed into the control panel.

For UL Installations...
Turn off DIP switch 2. Program the repeater on loop 1 as a 24-hour auxiliary zone with supervised RF. Now turn on DIP switch 2 and program a separate zone for AC loss, RF jam messages, and sending tamper using the same serial number as before, only one digit higher. Program Loop 1 to trouble by day/alarm by night as an unsupervised RF type. Program Loop 2 as an unsupervised RF and a 24-auxiliary zone type. Program Loop 3 as a 24-hour auxiliary zone type with unsupervised RF input. Finally, enter descriptors that show what level of supervision each zone possesses.

For non-UL Installations...
Turn off all DIP switches. Make sure the wireless zone assigned to supervise the repeater is programmed as a 24-hour auxiliary zone type with supervised RF in Loop 1. This configuration will make it possible for RF jam messages, AC loss, low battery, and check-in signals to be sent from the repeater to the control panel.

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