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How do I program a 5828 keypad to work with my LYNX Touch L5100?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

The 5828 keypad can only be added to a L5000 or L5100 control panel if it's programmed with a matching House ID.

Programming the 5828 keypad House ID...

Press and hold keys (1) and (3) for five seconds until the display flashes between (--) and (00). Press (1) to reach the first programming menu.

In t1: The display will flash between the 2-digit House ID and (t1). Enter a House ID of your choosing, anywhere in the (01)-(31) range. Remember this number. Whatever ID number you chose needs to be programmed into the control panel as well. Press (*) to go to the next menu.

In t2: Press (2) to access LYNX Mode.

You have the option to continue cycling through further programming menus to adjust device settings. Once programming is complete, press (*) repeatedly to back out of the programming menu. Also, following 15 seconds of inactivity, you will automatically be backed out of the programming menu.

Programming the Control Panel House ID...
On the home screen, click "More", then "Tools". Type in the installer code. (default code: 4112) Go to the "System Type" menu and select "RF House Code." In the field provided, enter the same House ID you entered into your 5828 keypad. Click "Done" to save your changes and exit the programming menu.

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