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What is the purpose of an ILP5 internet communicator?

Last Updated: 11/18/2013

The ILP5 Internet Communicator is designed for use with the LYNX Touch L5100 or the L5000.

The ILP5 Communicator operates as a backup line of communication with central station by sending alarm transmissions at extremely fast speeds over an internet network. Not only that, but it qualifies your security system for Honeywell's Total Connect Service. This interactive service gives users the ability to lock and unlock doors, watch live security camera video of their property, and receive email and text alerts about their security system.

However, installing the ILP5 on your L5100 Lynx Touch will render the panel unable to support a cellular communicator. For users looking to support dual-path communication, they should go with the L5100 WiFi communicator, which can work with a cellular communicator as well.

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