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ProxCard II (1326) ProxKey III (1346) ISOProx II (1386)
The ProxCard II clamshell card, with many options for programming, packaging, and numbering
The ProxKey II and ProxKey III are conveniently sized keyfob credentials for proximity access control
The ISOProx II clamshell card, for applications where both proximity and photo ID access control are required
Smart ISOProx II (1597) DuoProx II (1336) Smart DuoProx II (1598)
The Smart ISOProx II combines proximity, and embedded smart card technology on a single credential
The DuoProx II is an all in one credential for proximity based access control, magnetic stripe technology, and photo ID
The Smart DuoProx II combines magnetic stripe, proximity, and smart card technology on a single credential
iCLASS Prox (202X/212X/203X/213X) MIFARE Prox (1431) ProxCard Plus (169)
Combining both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz technologies on a single credential
Combining both HID proximity technology, and MIFARE smart technology on a single credential
The ProxCard Plus is the perfect marriage of Wiegand and proximity technology, all in a single card
MicroProx Tag (1391) ProxPass II (1351)
The MicroProx Tag is a small, thin, adhesive proximity tag which can be attached to a non-metallic surface for access control
The ProxPass II Active Tag is perfect for long range access control applications, including garages, and traffic control
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HID 1326LSSMV ProxCard II Clamshell Card (125kHz HID Proximity) HID 1386LGGMN Proximity Access Card HID 1386LGGMV, Graphics Quality Proximity Card
Our Price: $10.50
Our Price: $3.78
Our Price: $5.52
1326LSSMV HID | JMAC Supply 1386LGGMN HID | JMAC Supply 1386LGGMV HID | JMAC Supply
HID 1391LSSMN MicroProx Tag HID-1336LGGMN DuoProx II Card HID 1346LNSAN 125kHz ProxKey II Keyfob
Our Price: $4.65
Our Price: $7.08
Our Price: $12.00
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1391LSSMN HID | JMAC Supply 1336LGGMN HID | JMAC Supply 1346LNSAN HID | JMAC Supply
Our Price: $4.56
Our Price: $4.46
Our Price: $35.50
1326LGSMV HID | JMAC Supply 1326LMSMV HID | JMAC Supply 1351LBSMN HID | JMAC Supply
Our Price: $4.56
Our Price: $4.56
Our Price: $4.56
1326LGSNV HID | JMAC Supply 1326LGSSV HID | JMAC Supply 1326LMSNV HID | JMAC Supply
Our Price: $4.56
Our Price: $4.56
Our Price: $4.65
1326LMSSV HID | JMAC Supply 1326LSSNV HID | JMAC Supply 1326NMSNV HID | JMAC Supply
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