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Hanchett Entry Systems is an industry leader when it comes to innovative electromechanical locking solutions for entrance and exit security. Hanchett Entry Systems has been at the forefront of reliable entrance security for well over three decades, and their product line reflects that.

ASSA ABLOY was named to Forbes' World's Most Innovative Companies List is 2016 for the 3rd straight year!

HES is a member of ASSA ABLOY's family, which includes other brands we carry such as Adams Rite, and Securitron.

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Their HES electric strikes are the pinnacle of quality, in a sleek package. Each series features numerous faceplates and accessories, ensuring that no matter what the application, an HES electric strike will fit the bill.

Their Vista Series electronic strikes are the economical counterpart to the HES series. They provide a cost-efficient solution to entrance security, without sacrificing quality.

Hanchett Entry Systems also manufactures an electromechanical lock, the 660, for a variety of uses. This lock can reliably be applied to cases, sliding doors, cabinets, and more.

Rounding out the Hanchett Entry Systems catalogue are their economic, yet reliable Vista electric strikes. Possessing as many faceplate options as other HES electric strikes, the Vista electric strike provides a high level of security, while remaining cost-effective.

Together, the Hanchett Entry Systems product catalogue is the mark of a true innovator and leader in the field of entrance and exit security. No matter what your needs may be, HES provides a solution that you can count on.

HES has one on the best reputation's in the industry - a reputation based on great service, strong and durable products, and innovation.

Electric Strikes
1006 Series - Strong & Versatile. 1006 Installation Instructions, 1006 Dimensional Drawings.
1006CDB Complete PAC - One box solution for lock-sets with 1" deadbolt.
1006CLB - One box solution for all cylindrical and mortise lock-sets for ANSI 1-7/8" strike plates with up to a 3/4" latchbolt.
1006CS Complete Smart Strike - Only strike that can release, recapture, and contain mortise locks with a 1" deadbolt.
4500C - Low profile, heavy duty, fire-rated. 4500 Installation Instructions, 4500 Dimensional Drawings.
5000 Series - Grade 1, low profile solution for cylindrical lock-sets. 5000 Installation Instructions, 5000 Dimensional Drawings.
5000C Complete Pac - 5000 Series with 501 Faceplate for cylindrical lockets.
5200 Series - Grade 1 solution with horizontal adjust-ability. 5200 Installation Instructions, 5200 Dimensional Drawings.
5200C Complete Pac - 5200 Series with 501 & 501A Faceplates.
7000 Series - Accommodates cylindrical latchbolts up to 5/8" throw, and rim exit latchbolts up to 3/4" throw. 7000 Installation Instructions, 7000 Dimensional Drawings.
7000C Complete Pac - 7000 Series with 791 & 792 Faceplates.
7501 Series - Grade 1, fire-rated, pre-load solution. 7501 Installation Instructions, 7501 Dimensional Drawings.
8000 Series - Concealed solution for cylindrical lock-sets. 8000 Installation Instructions, 8000 Dimensional Drawings.
8000C Complete Pac - 8000 Series with 801 & 801A Faceplates.
8300 Series - Fire-rated, concealed solution for cylindrical lock-sets. 8300 Installation Instructions, 8300 Dimensional Drawings.
8300C Complete Pac - 8300 Series with 801 & 801A Faceplate.
8500 Series - Fire-rated, concealed solution for mortise locksets. 8500 Installation Instructions.
9400 Series - Slim-line, surface-mounted solution. 9400 Installation Instructions, 9400 Dimensional Drawings.
9500 Series - Strong and durable, fire-rated surface mounted solution. 9500 Installation Instructions, 9500 Dimensional Drawings.
9600 Series - Surface mounted, windstorm rated solution. 9600 Installation Instructions, 9600 Dimensional Drawings.
9700 Series - Stylish, windstorm rated and fire-rated square bolt solution.

Plug-in Bridge Rectifier - 2001M Plug In Bridge Rectifier Install Instructions.
Wire-in Bridge Rectifier - 2001-1
ElectroLynx Adapter
SMART Pac III - 2005M3 SMART PAC III Install Instructions.
Plug-in Buzzer - 2006M Plug in Buzzer Install Instructions.
Plug-in Pigtail Connectors
Strike Latch Guard 150
Astragal Strike Latch Guard 310-2-3.
Surface Mounting Box SMB
Universal Mounting Tabs 152
154 - Metal Template Kit
9000-MTK Metal Template Kit - 9000-MTK Install Instructions.
Torx Security Bit 157D.
Torx Screws 157.
Demo Mounts
Battery Jump Start Pack 622-JSP

Cabinet Locks
610 Series - Compact and cost effective. 610 Series Install Instructions.
660 Series - Strongest surface-mounted, multi purpose locking solution. 660 Series Install Instructions.
K100 - Add cabinet security without adding another credential.
KS100 - Wireless possibilities for server cabinet protection.
K200 - Flexible solution for cabinet and drawer access control. K200 Install Instructions.
KS200 - Additional layer of security for server cabinets. KS200 Install Instructions.

Integrated Access Control Products
HES Integrated iCLASS Products - Choose any HES electric strike to complete your Integrated iCLASS Product.
HES Integrated Prox Products - Choose any HES electric strike to complete your Integrated Prox Product.

Tech Info
Here at JMAC Supply, our technicians are always ready and more than happy to help you with your technical support needs. In addition, HES also makes itself available to help you put together the right access control products for your application. They can supply wiring diagrams, worksheets, tech tips, cross reference sheets, installation instructions, and much more. We are happy to provide this info to you. As you read through product descriptions and literature you will come across many "industry" terms such as, fail safe / fail secure, fire-rated, latchbolt and more. HES has put together a great glossary for you to look up any terms you may not be familiar with.

HES has a great YouTube channel, with some product videos, installation instructions, and more. Some of our favorites are: 9400 Strike Installation, 8300 Electric Strike, and the K100 Install Video.

Where to Buy
Of course, with all of our efforts at providing you with the best information about HES products, as well as product literature and videos, we would hope that you choose us as your value added distributor for HES products. Our pricing is among the most competitive around, and our customer service and technical support is second to none. We would appreciate it if you gave us the opportunity to earn your business. Just give us a call at (516) 812-0917, or shoot us an email to [email protected] to see what we can do for you!

Environmentally Friendly
In addition to their incredible product offering, they have made huge efforts to be environmentally responsible. They have earned EPD Declarations for the 1006 Series Electric Strike, and the 9600 Electric Strike. In addition, HES is participating in Declare for the 1006 Strike, and 9600 Strike - meaning that they have disclosed all of the ingredients in the products, in order to promotre sustainability and transparency. ASSA ABLOY's efforts to make sustainability a major part of their business is made very clear in their new building in Phoenix, Arizona - they have received a silver level of LEED certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC - which they are a member of) by incorporating sustainable construction methods.

HES has devleoped many aware winning products over the years. The 1500E/1600E EcoStrike received the GREEN GOOD DESIGN, and SS&I MVP award in 2016. THE KS200 also received the Security Product Govies award in 2016, as well as the ASIS Accolades Award - Security's Best Award winner in 2015.

The KS100 received the International Detektor Award in 2015, and the GOOD DESIGN award in 2014.

In 2012, the 8500 received the GOOD DESIGN award, and the K100 received both the ASIS Accolades Award, and ISC WEST - Best in Access Control Products - Wireless award.

HES and ASSA ABLOY adhere to a high standard of quality and ethics, as well as legal regulatory and statutory requirements for all the countries where they do business. There are many local, national, and international laws which demand that their products, employees, and workplaces are made with, and behave, in a certain way. ISO9001 is the international standard for quality system management. HES is currently accredited and certified by Great Western Registrar LLC as ISO 9001:2008. HES exceeds the most strict requirements of ISO 9001 to make sure that their customers continue to remain more than satisfied. Click here to view their ISO9001:2008 certificate.

Also, as a part of NAFTA, they provide their Certificate of Origin.

Are you trying to understand code compliance for the installation of electric strikes, locks, or other electromechanical products? If so check out the AHJ Code Inspector's Handbook for understanding Electric Locking Hardware.

Included with your purchase of HES products, is an express, limited warranty. In addition to a 1 year hassle free guarantee which is included in all strikes, locks, controls, power supplies, and components, are extended Mechanical Components, Electrical Components, and Lifetime Warranties. You can view the Warranty information in full here.

The extended mechanical components warranty covers the HES 7000, 610, and 660, and HES integrated cabinet locks for 3 years. It covers the 1006, 4500, 5000, 5200, 7500, 8000, 8300, 8500, 9400, 9500, 9600, and 9700, and all Folger Adam strikes for 5 years. And all HES Integrated electric strikes are covered by a lifetime mechanical components warranty. So if the mechanical components on your product fails within these time periods, just contact us and we will send you a brand new replacement right away.

The extended electrical components warranty covers all HES electric strikes and electromechanical cabinet locks for 1 year. All HES Integrated cabinet locks are covered for 2 years. If you install the SMART Pac III with any new product, that would extend the 1 year warranty to 3-5 years. And all Folger Adam electric strikes and covered for 5 years.

Contact Info
We are happy to be at your service directly here at JMAC Supply, and you can always call us at (516) 812-0917. Should you need or decide to contact HES directly here are the best ways to do so:
You can reach their various departments by email:

Customer Service: [email protected]

Tech Support: [email protected]

Phone Number: (800) 626-7590
Fax: (866) 582-4641
Address: 10027 S. 51st St, STE 102, Phoenix AZ 85044.
Phone Number: (800) 461-3007
Fax: (800) 461-8989
Address: ASSA ABLOY DSS Canada, Vaughan, Ontario
Phone Number: 52 1 (55) 3900 9292
Address: Pelicano 242, Col. Granjas Modernas, Mexico, D.F. 07460

You can also click here to view all ASSA ABLOY locations.

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