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Hanchett Entry Systems electric strikes are some of the highest caliber electric strikes in the industry today. They come with the guarantee that no matter the application, they will outperform any other product on the market. Hanchett electric strikes are separated into two main categories, HES and Vista.

HES electric strikes are the flagship brand of the product line, and their quality is nearly unmatched. These are compact, stylish, and high performance electric strikes that will be sure to impress. They come with a number of faceplate options.

The economic, yet remarkably high quality Vista electric strikes are the final type of strikes manufactured. Vista electric strikes are made to be cost-effective, without sacrificing on security or quality. Both of these product lines are sure to make a positive impression, and provide a reliable solution to your entrance security needs.

The most popular electric strike that HES makes is the HES 9600.

HES is owned by ASSA ABLOY, which makes a wide variety of electric strikes. The ASSA ABLOY brands in which we offer electric strikes are: Adams Rite Electric Strikes, HES Electric Strikes, and Securitron Electric Strikes.

An electric strike is a locking mechanism used on doors in access controls systems. Usually, you can buy electric strike which are configured either as Fail-safe, or Fail-Secure. The difference between the two being that one needs power or electricity to lock, while the other needs power or electricity to unlock.

Fail secure means that if the power stopped working, the door would remain locked. And vice versa for Fail Safe: when the power goes out, the door would remain open. Which one you would need depends on your application - for example if there is a fire in an apartment building and the power goes out, you would need the doors to remain open so that people could get out safely. Other than for these safety concerns, most strikes will generally be fail-secure, so that if power were to go out, the room that you are trying to keep safe would not easily be accessed or broken in to.

Safety codes in many localities would limit the use of fail secure locks in many applications due to life safety concerns, so you should know and understand the codes of your job before purchasing a specific HES electric strike.

Other variable that come in to play when choosing the right HES Strike are: The size of the deadbolt, the type of lock (cylindrical, mortise,) the profile (slim, low profile, etc.) the amount of weight it could withstand, whether or not it is fire rated, whether or not you need horizontal adjustability, whether or not you need the strike to be concealed, whether or not you need the strike surface mounted, among others.

There are also many accessories and face-plates to consider that would be compatible and advisable to be purchased with your strike.

Our technicians are happy to help you find the perfect HES electric strike for your application - just give us a call at (516) 812-0917.