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What is the best wireless motion detector for my Honeywell Security System?

Last Updated: 12/02/2013

Every wireless motion detector is designed for a different application, so it really depends on your personal installation.

The 5898 DUAL TEC motion great for preventing false alarms. It uses passive infrared and microwave technology to verify the motion of the object in question. This is great for homes with pets or HVAC vents that can potentially trigger false alarms.

The an outdoor, wireless motion sensor that must detect movement in two zones before triggering an alarm. Helps prevent false alarms caused by falling brush or animals.

The an affordable motion detector designed for use in homes with pets. It has a pet immune function that prevents false alarms triggered by animals under 80 pounds.

The one of the more versatile motion detectors on the market. It's designed with three loops that a user can program to fit the needs of the environment. Loop 1 includes a pet immune function. Loop 2 increases detector sensitivity and disables pet immunity. Loop 3 sets an alarm that's triggered when the temperature in the room drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 5800PIR-COM...does not have a pet immunity function, but it has a long detection range of 60 x 80 feet. It has a look-down mirror and comes with three programmable loops, just like the 5800PIR.

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