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On what loop should wireless motion detectors be programmed?

Last Updated: 11/19/2013


Wireless Motion Detectors are usually programmed to loop one on your Honeywell Control Panel.

Loop one is traditionally the default loop for wireless motion detectors because it includes pre-programmed pet immunity features that keep pets under 80 pounds from setting off the detector. Opting to program a detector to a different loop could deactivate pet immunity and reduce detector sensitivity. Consult your motion detector's instruction manual for more details on which programming loop is recommended.

In order for the Pet Immunity function to work properly...
The motion sensor must be mounted at its recommended height of 7.5-8 feet. Also, the detector SHOULD NOT be mounted using a mounting bracket or a look-down mirror. Make sure the device is mounted in a location where animals can't reach, and aim the detector away from furniture your pets like to climb on.

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