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How do I adjust a motion sensor's sensitivity?

By Petra Paulson You will need to consult the instruction manual that came with your specific sensor model. Depending on the sensor, there are different ways to adjust sensitivity. Many hardwired mot

How do I enroll a wireless motion detector?

By Petra Paulson Wireless motion detectors are compatible with any LYNX security panel or Honeywell Security Panel with a wireless receiver, like the 5881ENH . For the LYNX Touch L5100 ... Go to the

How do I program a Honeywell wireless motion detector?

By Petra Paulson A motion detector must be assigned a zone on your Honeywell Control Panel . Vista Panels , like the Vista 20P or 21iP , use zones 09-48 for motion detector programming. LYNX Panels,

How do motion detectors work?

By Petra Paulson Honeywell Motion Detectors typically come in two styles: Microwave or PIR. PIR (Passive Infrared) Detectors... are the most common. They detect levels of infrared radiation (aka: hea

How do you install a wireless motion detector with pet immunity?

By Petra Paulson Installing a Pet Immune Motion Detector... Pet immune detectors, like the 5800PIR-RES Residential Motion Detector , come with the pet immunity function already enabled. The device wi

On what loop should wireless motion detectors be programmed?

By Petra Paulson Wireless Motion Detectors are usually programmed to loop one on your Honeywell Control Panel . Loop one is traditionally the default loop for wireless motion detectors because it inc

Should I install a window sensor or a motion detector in my home security system?

By Petra Paulson We recommend individual window sensors for traditional locking double-hung windows. Making the best choice between a motion detector and a window sensor depends on the style of the w

What is a Curtain Motion Detector?

By Petra Paulson A curtain motion detector functions like a traditional motion detector except that it's detection pattern is much thinner. Every motion detector has a monitoring "pattern".  Thi

What is the best wireless motion detector for my Honeywell Security System?

By Petra Paulson Every wireless motion detector is designed for a different application, so it really depends on your personal installation. The 5898 DUAL TEC motion detector great for preventi

What is the range of a Honeywell motion sensor?

By Petra Paulson Most Honeywell motion sensors have a detection range of up to 30 feet. The listed range for each motion detector is directly related to its mounting height.  Reference the detec

Will my alarm go off if I have motion detectors and my system is armed in stay mode?

By Petra Paulson No, your alarm system will not be triggered by motion detectors when your system is in "stay mode". In Stay Mode... your security system deactivates all motion detectors because it k