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How does the Vista 20P stand up against the Vista 128BPT?

Last Updated: 11/15/2013

The Vista Series Control Panels are some of the best alarm system control panels on the market, but each is uniquely designed to meet the demands of specific applications.

The Vista 20P

The Vista 20P is great for residential or small commercial applications (storefronts) because of its ability to support up to 48 zones and 2 partitions. The Vista 20P comes with 8 hardwired zones, but reaching the 48 zone threshold requires a wireless receiver, like the 5881ENH. Or, if you'd rather have 48 hardwired zones, you could install a series of expansion modules, like the 4219. The Vista 20P supports 8 standard keypads (4 touchscreen), draws an upper-limit of 600mA in power, and supports 16 relay outputs.

The Vista 128BPT

Designed for larger facilities, like a warehouse or office building, the Vista 128BPT requires the assistance of a wireless receiver to reach its 128-zone capacity. The Vista 128BPT supports two wireless receivers to the Vista 20P's one, and is compatible with up to 119 V-Plex devices. Its 8 partitions can segment one facility into eight, individual sub-systems, each with their own, unique set of user codes and zones. This panel is also great with access control and video surveillance integration. It supports up to 31 standard keypads (6 touchscreen), 96 relay outputs, and draws a maximum of 750 mA.

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