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Can I upgrade my hardwired Honeywell panel to wireless?

By Petra Paulson Yes, you can, by installing a new wireless receiver to your existing Honeywell alarm system. Pick one of the two easy-to-follow options below: 1. All you need is a keypad with a buil

Does the stay arming mode issue an entry delay?

By Petra Paulson There are entry delays for both "stay" and "away" arming modes. There's a logical reason for this. When occupants are present inside a house where the security system is set to "stay

How do I change the user code for my Honeywell Control Panel?

By  Petra Paulson Changing alarm codes can differ depending on the system in question.  However, you usually must follow this procedure to change master codes: 1. Creating a new master code

How do you Power Cycle a Vista series control panel?

By Petra Paulson "Power cycling" is a great way to restore an unresponsive panel to a normal configuration. It's important to note that power cycling may not always work to recover your system f

How does the Vista 20P stand up against the Vista 128BPT?

By Petra Paulson The Vista Series Control Panels are some of the best alarm system control panels on the market, but each is uniquely designed to meet the demands of specific applications.

Is it possible to get Total Connect to work with my Vista 15P or 20P?

By Petra Paulson Yes!  And usually all it takes is a communicator to upgrade your Vista 15p or Vista 20P to Total Connect.  There are some older Vista panels that only work with Total Conne

What is a Control Panel Partition?

By Petra Paulson Partitions are programmable areas of a security network that run independent of each other but all operate off of the same control panel.  Partitioning is one way to add a level

What is the best Honeywell security system to get for my apartment?

By Petra Paulson The LYNX Touch L5100 is recommended for apartments because its easy to install and space efficient. The L5100 is a self-contained control panel and alarm keypad all-in-one. With a sl

What is the difference between the Vista 20P and the Vista 21iP?

By Petra Paulson Both of these panels actually have a lot in common.  The Vista 20P and the Vista21iP each have eight hardwired zones but can employ zone doubling to reach a maximum of 48 zones

Why do I get a "fire zone trouble" message when I power on my Vista 15P or Vista 20P?

By Petra Paulson The "fire zone trouble message" appears on the alarm keypad of your Vista 15P or Vista 20P because the resistor with the RBRG color bands hasn't been wired to zone 1. These Vista con