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How do I change the user code for my Honeywell Control Panel?

Last Updated: 11/06/2013

Changing alarm codes can differ depending on the system in question.  However, you usually must follow this procedure to change master codes:

1. Creating a new master code:  Enter your Master code into your Honeywell keypad, then (8), then (02), then a new master code, and the new master code again.  "1234" is usually the default master code on Honeywell security systems.  If you can't remember the current master code and it is not the default code, you can use one of your other user codes to change the master.

2. Setting up a new master code:  Type in your installer code, then (8), then (02), then the new master code.  The default installer code is usually "4112".  Can't remember it?  Then power off your system.  Power it back on, and during the first minute, press/hold (#) and (*).  Field *20 is where the installer code is changed.

3. Adding a new user code:  Enter your Master code, then (8), then the user #, then the new user code.

4.  Erasing a user code:  Enter your Master code, then (8), then the user #, then (#) and (0).

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