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Portable Gas Detectors Control Panels Carbon Monoxide Detectors
An innovative family of portable single-gas monitors that are user-friendly and affordable. With a low maintenance and compact size, the Macurco Portable Single-Gas Monitor helps you detect potentially hazardous levels of O2, H2S or CO gas.
Control Panels, for coordinating functionality of multiple detectors in one facility
Carbon Monoxide Detectors, including low-voltage detectors with multiple relays and other options for effective detection of the deadly Carbon Monoxide Gas
Combustible Gas Detectors Toxic Gas Detectors Calibration Gas
Combustible Gas Detectors, including detectors that also detect Hydrogen Gas, with models that operate in a system and stand-alone models
Toxic Gas Detectors and Transducers for detecting and responding to dangerous levels of Nitrogen Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Amonia, with models that operate in a system as well as stand-alone models
Calibration Gas for testing and verifying proper functionality of the Macurco line of products
Calibration Kits Accessories
Calibration Kits including calibration gas, tubing, hoods and other tools necessary for properly maintaining the functionality of a Macurco detector
Accessories, including test hoods, mount kits and power supplies
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Macurco CM-E1 Carbon Monoxide Detector Macurco GD-2B Combustible Gas Detector Macurco CM-6 Carbon Monoxide Detector, Controller and Transducer, 12-24 VAC or 12-32 VDC
Our Price: $70.59
Our Price: $102.95
Our Price: $339.99
CM-E1 Macurco | JMAC Supply GD-2B Macurco | JMAC Supply CM-6 Macurco | JMAC Supply
Macurco GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector, Controller and Transducer, 12-24VAC or 12-48VDC Macurco TX-6-ND Nitrogen Dioxide Detector, 12-24 VAC or 12-32 VDC, Dark Gray Macurco CM-E1-IAK CM-E1 Adaptor Kit
Our Price: $339.99
Our Price: $457.67
Our Price: $16.50
GD-6 Macurco | JMAC Supply TX-6-ND Macurco | JMAC Supply CM-E1-IAK Macurco | JMAC Supply
Macurco CM-12 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector Macurco GD-12 Combustible Gas Detector, 100-240VAC Macurco RD-6 Refrigerant Gas Detector, Controller and Transducer, 12-24 VAC or 12-32 VDC
Our Price: $356.99
Our Price: $359.13
Our Price: $397.00
CM-12 Macurco | JMAC Supply GD-12 Macurco | JMAC Supply RD-6 Macurco | JMAC Supply
Macurco CD-12 Carbon Dioxide Detector Macurco GD-2A Combustible Gas Detector, UL Listed, CSFM Approved Macurco HD-11 Hydrogen Gas Detector
Our Price: $397.00
Our Price: $102.95
Our Price: $237.54
CD-12 Macurco | JMAC Supply GD-2A 3M Macurco | JMAC Supply HD-11 Macurco | JMAC Supply
Macurco TX-6-AM Ammonia Detector, Controller and Transducer, 12-24 VAC or 12-32 VDC, Dark Gray Macurco TX-6-HS Macurco Hydrogen Sulfide Detector, Controller and Transducer, 12-24 VAC or 12-32 VDC, Dark Gray Macurco CM-6-CH Calibration Hood
Our Price: $519.00
Our Price: $457.67
Our Price: $25.25
TX-6-AM Macurco | JMAC Supply TX-6-HS Macurco | JMAC Supply CM-6-CH Macurco | JMAC Supply
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Carbon monoxide, Combustibles, and Toxic gases can be deadly. But you knew that already. Why? Because you're smart. And when it comes to protecting your home or office from harmful gases like these, you make the smart decision you buy the best. And with Macurco, you just found it. With a wide range of high-quality residential and commercial gas detection products, Macurco can help bring safety, security, and peace of mind to your home or place of business.

With me so far? Good. So whether you're looking for control panel detectors to outfit a large, commercial facility or a stand-alone detector/controller for your home or small business, Macurco has what you need. With popular models, like the GD-2A, GD-6, and the CM-6, Macurco's products are a sure-fire detection solution. Maintain acceptable levels of carbon monoxide in any environment. Tie in to your existing security system, commercial automation, or HVAC system. Keep your employees and loved-ones safe from high-levels of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, propane, hydrogen, and natural gas. So now you know, when purchasing gas detection products, safety and quality are paramount. That's why you want the best. You need the best. And now, with Macurco, you can afford the best. So what's the best choice when it comes to reliable gas detection products? You're smart. You tell me.

The Macurco line of gas detectors include a wide variety of dependable, flexible and versatile fixed gas detectors for residential and commercial, as well as light industrial applications. The Macurco brand, formerly a part of the 3M line of products and now a part of the Aerionics product line, has been providing dependable gas detection devices for 40 years, with devices for detecting carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen, propane and methane gasses. If you need a reliable gas detection device for your residential or commercial security system, automation system or HVAC system, Macurco has the product you'll need.