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More reliable than a canary. Years ago sometime between the invention of the printing press and the dawn of the $5 coffee coal miners used to take canaries with them to work. That's right. The bird. Miners discovered that a canary could detect pockets of combustible gas in mine-shafts. When the bird became restless, it was a signal to the coal miners that the atmosphere in the mine was too volatile to work.

Fast forward to today: the canaries have flown the coup so to speak and have been replaced by electronic, combustible gas detectors like the awe-inspiring GD-2A. Whether for an office building, warehouse, or battery room, these detectors can help you monitor and control safe levels of combustible gas no matter what the environment. Detects methane, propane, and hydrogen gas better than any canary on the market and far less annoying. Guaranteed.

Macurco's line of Combustible Gas Detectors also feature combination Combustible Gas and Hydrogren Gas detectors that can detect both of the deadly gasses. These detectors also include versions that are stand-alone as well as versions designed to be tied into a system for optimal monitoring and performance.