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Can you program Honeywell Control Panels using a Keypad?

By Petra Paulson Honeywell alarm keypads are capable of programming Honeywell alarm panels .   Alphanumeric keypads are suggested because their displays are best suited for basic system programm

How do I address my Honeywell Keypad?

By Petra Paulson All alarm keypads must be assigned a device address in order to operate properly with your Honeywell Control Panel . The default address given to every alarm keypad is (31).   V

How do I exit programming mode on a Honeywell Keypad?

By Petra Paulson With the exception of sub-menus, pressing (*99) on the keypad will exit programming mode and return users to the home screen. If you happen to be navigating through a programming sub

How do I use the Tuxedo Touch keypad to arm and disarm my Honeywell Alarm System?

By Petra Paulson Arming your system... Close all outer doors and windows before arming.  Press the security icon (lock in house) on the Tuxedo Touch home screen.  Press the arming icon to d

How many Touchscreen Keypads work with each Vista Panel?

By Petra Paulson Most of Honeywell's Vista Panels support touchscreen keypads , like the Tuxedo Touch  and the Tuxedo Touch WiFi . Below is a list of Vista Panels and the number of touchscreen

What are alpha numeric keypads?

By Petra Paulson Alpha numeric keypads , like the Honeywell 6160 or 6160RF , have easy-to-navigate, 32-character displays designed to perform full system programming. These keypads can easily access

What does the bF error message on my Honeywell keypad mean?

By Petra Paulson The bF error is an indication that there is a problem with your alarm's communicator or the communicator's device cover is open. If the device cover is ajar, simply close it tightly

What does the Police button do on my Vista 20P keypad?

By Petra Paulson In its default setting, the police button acts as a panic button that triggers your security system's alarm siren. The police button on the Vista 20P is only to be used during emerge

What is a Duress Code?

By Petra Paulson The duress code is entered to send a silent alarm to the monitoring station while making it seem like you are disarming your system. Alarm systems are often perceived as a w

Where is the stay button on my Honeywell security system keypad?

By Petra Paulson The stay button is the (2) key on most Honeywell security keypads . To arm in stay mode... Enter your user code and then press (2). Pressing the (#) key, followed by your user code,