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How do I address my Honeywell Keypad?

Last Updated: 11/12/2013
All alarm keypads must be assigned a device address in order to operate properly with your Honeywell Control Panel.

The default address given to every alarm keypad is (31).  Vista Panels, like the 15P, 20P, and 21iP automatically assign a device address of (16) for keypads.  That is why you are required to assign a device address to your new Honeywell keypad.

Programming your keypad...

Power off your system.  Power the system back up.  Press and hold the (1) and (3) keys for 3 seconds during the first minute of system reboot.  (Note:  Beyond this point, if you let 10 seconds pass without pressing a new key, the system will exit out of programming mode).

Now enter the 2-digit device address for the alarm keypad in question.  [example:  press (1) + (6) for address (16)]  Once assigning the new device address, press the (*) to save your changes and leave the programming mode.

To see your programmed keypad address...

Press and hold (1) + (3) for 3 seconds.  Your device address will be displayed, but it will not allow you to make changes to that address.

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