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How do I use the Tuxedo Touch keypad to arm and disarm my Honeywell Alarm System?

Last Updated: 11/05/2013
Arming your system...

Close all outer doors and windows before arming.  Press the security icon (lock in house) on the Tuxedo Touch home screen.  Press the arming icon to display the zones that are being armed.  The display will then show the exit delay time that remains.  Select the arming icon and enter your master code if quick arm is disabled.

After arming the system in "Instant", "Stay", or "Night Stay" mode, the keypad will beep three times.  The keypad will beep constantly after choosing the "Away" and "Maximum" mode as the delay time ticks down.  The beeping will increase in frequency when you have 10 seconds to exit the armed area.

Disarming your system...

Enter your 4-digit master code to disarm the system.  When you are home and want to disarm, just press the icon labeled "disarm" on your keypad, followed by your 4-digit master code.

Tuxedo Touch and Tuxedo Touch WiFi keypads work with all AUI compatible Honeywell Control Panels, like the Vista 10P15P20P21iP128BPT, and  250BPT.

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