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Where is the stay button on my Honeywell security system keypad?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

The stay button is the (2) key on most Honeywell security keypads.

To arm in stay mode...
Enter your user code and then press (2). Pressing the (#) key, followed by your user code, will arm the system in stay mode if your control panel is programmed to quick-arm. Some keypads have four function keys that can be programmed for quick, single-button "stay" and "away" arming functions.

What is Stay Mode?
Arming your system in stay mode activates your entire security system, except for the motion sensors. With the motion sensors off, inhabitants can roam around freely inside the house without triggering an alarm. However, other sensors, like door/window sensors and glassbreak detectors, are still activated to make sure home access points are secure. If a door or window is opened, a delay timer would be activated, giving inhabitants time to disarm the system before an alarm sounds.

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