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Can I take down a window or door sensor without setting off an alarm?

By Petra Paulson It is possible for you to remove a window or door sensor. But don't worry.  You already have to be inside the house to do this.  That means intruders can't just waltz in, r

How do I install a wireless door/window sensor with a magnet?

By Petra Paulson Step 1: Run a Go/No-Go Test The last thing you want is to spend all that time mounting a sensor only to find out afterward that its not communicating properly with the control panel.

How do wireless sensors protect windows against intrusions?

By Petra Paulson Wireless window sensors and glassbreak detectors are two of the most common ways to protect windows against intrusion. Wireless window sensors... are installed on window frames, ofte

Should I install glass break detectors and motion sensors in my house?

By Petra Paulson Yes, because glassbreak sensors and motion sensors protect against certain intrusions that a window/door contact cannot. For instance, if an intruder entered a home through a shatter

What can cause my 5800 series wireless sensor to lose RF supervision?

By Petra Paulson What is supervision loss? Supervision loss is when a 5800 series sensor fails to send an RF check-in signal to a wireless receiver over a 12 hour period. When this occurs, your syste

What is a recessed door sensor?

By Petra Paulson Recessed door sensors, like the 5818MNL , have low-profile designs that hide the devices from view in a home or office setting. Recessed door sensors use magnets and sensors to deter

What is an alarm sensor DIP switch?

By Petra Paulson Many Honeywell alarm sensors come with DIP switches that gives users control of basic sensor modes and programming functions. DIP switches are typically located on the circuit boards

What is the average life of an alarm sensor battery?

By Petra Paulson On average, an alarm sensor battery has a 3-5 year life. However, t he sensor model, frequency of use, and type of battery in question can affect the lifespan of a battery. For a

What kind of Steel Door Contact should I use?

By Petra Paulson Steel doors or windows can cause certain magnetic door/window contacts to malfunction. Steel has a tendency to dampen the strength of magnets, and even render low-power magnets

What's the difference between a glass break sensor and a window sensor?

By Petra Paulson A window sensor, like the 5811BR , works in a similar way to a door sensor.  It has an internal reed switch, a magnet, and a contact.  The magnet and reed switch are close

Will Honeywell wireless sensors work with all security systems?

No, Honeywell sensors are only designed to work with Honeywell Control Panels . As a rule of thumb, always buy wireless sensors that match the brand of whatever security system you have installed in