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What can cause my 5800 series wireless sensor to lose RF supervision?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

What is supervision loss?
Supervision loss is when a 5800 series sensor fails to send an RF check-in signal to a wireless receiver over a 12 hour period. When this occurs, your system will notify you via a "Check" condition alert on your keypad display, with the number of the malfunctioning zone listed.

If an RF supervision loss notification appears following a low battery signal, then the wireless sensor probably lost battery power. In this case, replace the sensor's battery and power cycle your Honeywell Control Panel.

Most RF supervision losses, however, result from environmental interference. Walls, large appliances, and metal objects can interfere with the signal strength of a sensor. That's why Honeywell recommends that users avoid mounting 5800 series sensors to metal-framed doors and windows.

If RF supervision loss continues to be a problem even after checking for low-batteries and interference, try installing a 5800RP wireless repeater. The repeater will help increase signal strength to fringe sensors that might be located at the outer-edges of the transmission range.

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