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Gentex is currently one of world's most recognized names in Fire Alarm Notification and Life Safety Devices, primarily because of the wide portfolio they offer for all kinds of installations. They produce a range of strobes for visual notification, bells and speakers for audible notification, their world-famous dual cell smoke detectors that revolutionized the industry, as well as their selection of carbon monoxide detectors.

Gentex (Gentex Corporation) was originally founded as a manufacturer of high-quality fire-protection products. Their team has long recognized a need for better smoke detection, and in 1974, introduced a product that literally revolutionized the industry.

This landmark product was the world's first dual-cell photoelectric smoke detector. It quickly became the industry benchmark because it was less prone to false alarms and was designed to quickly detect slow, smoldering fires. This technology became the foundation for Gentex's current products, millions of which can be found in schools, dormitories, hotels and hospital buildings throughout North America.