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Activate an alarm due to the presence of carbon dioxide or combustible gas using a reliable gas detector. Gas detectors are suitable for detecting the presence of gas leak in a facility or area. A leak of gas can go unnoticed by occupants because not all can be detected by human small. Moreover, it can lead to employee and customer poisoning. To ensure the safety of all occupants, it is essential to implement a commercial gas detection that will properly notify all occupants in the area visually and audible. Because some gas detectors cannot monitor and detect all gases, it is important to understand what you may come in contact with when looking for a gas detection system. JMAC Supply is a leading supplier of gas detectors and gas detection systems - we stock a variety of commercial gas detectors and alarms for your facilities such as:
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Combustible Gas Detectors
  • Toxic Gas Detectors
Browse our wide collection of gas detection equipment and get in touch with our support specialists at 516-812-0917 to learn more.