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  • Audible/Visual Appliances

    The Broadest line of Audible/Visual Appliances in the industry featuring Wheelock Horns, Horn Strobes, Strobes, Speakers & Speaker Strobes, Chimes & Chime Strobes, Bells, and Weatherproof Appliances.
  • Manual Pull Stations

    Pull stations for activation of fire alarm control panels featuring high quality, die-cast metal construction and single, dual and explosion proof models for long lasting performance.
  • Power Supplies

    6 and 8-Amp filtered and regulated, supervised remote power supply/battery chargers for supervision and expanded power driving capability of Fire Alarm Notification Appliance Circuits.
  • Sync Modules

    Sync modules for synchronizing the strobe flashes and code 3 temporal evacuation alarm produced by Cooper Notification's Wheelock appliances available for single and dual class applications.
  • Accessories

    Enclosures, backboxes and tile bridge accessories for use with Wheelock Notification Appliances.
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Cooper Wheelock life safety notification devices are some of the highest quality devices on the market. This includes a host of audible and visual appliances, power supplies, pull stations, and accessories all designed to perform reliably, and compliant with top industry standards. There are horns, strobes, chimes, bells, and weatherproof devices as well, made to keep you and your personnel safe, and alert of any emergency situations clearly and immediately.