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  • Bells

    Durable operation and dependable performance Bells providing high sound output and low power consumption. Available in motor, virbrating and expolosion proof models for mulitple applications.
  • Chime Strobes

    Chime strobe appliances are ideal for hospital and instituional applications. Single stroke and vibrating operation, selectable candela options and available for wall or ceiling mount installations.
  • Chimes

    Chimes appliances featuring single stroke and vibrating operation ideal for hospital and institutional applications.
  • Cluster Speakers

    Cluster speakers designed for indoor and outdoor applications where voice and visual alerting is required in high ambient noise environments.
  • Horn Strobes

    A variety of horn strobe models are available to meet your life safety application. Featuring wall and ceiling models, selectable candela, voltage and dBA settings, and red and white models making any installation easy.
  • Horns

    Horn appliances for audibe alerting in the event of an emergency. Featuring wall or ceiling mount, 12/24 VDC, selectable dBA, and red or white models to meet a variety of applications.
  • Speaker Strobes

    Speaker appliances designed for life safety, voice evacution and mass notification systems. Models feature high efficiency sound output, field selectable input voltage, taps and candela settings, and low profile designs.
  • Speakers

    Speaker appliances designed for high efficiency sound output feature a variety of models with field selectable input voltage, field selectable taps, low profile designs, and wall or ceiling mounting to meet any application requirement
  • Strobes

    Strobe appliances for visual alerting from Cooper Notification featuring wall or ceiling mount, selectable candela settings and red or white models and colored lens strobes to meet a variety of applications.
  • Weatherproof Appliances

    Weatherproof strobes, horns, horn strobes, speakers, and speaker strobes designed for performance and reliability featuring an extended temperature range of 31F to 150F and meeting or exceeding UL outdoor test requirements.
  • STH-15S Series Speaker Horn

    The Series STH speaker horn is equipped with a compression driver providing up to 15 watts of power handling capability, superior intelligibility and dispersion to achieve maximum sound projection and penetration. The speaker horn is weather and vandal resistant.
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