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Are sealed lead-acid batteries rechargeable?

By Petra Paulson Yes, sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries are completely rechargeable. In fact, when used correctly, most 12 Volt and 6 Volt sealed lead-acid batteries can be discharged/recharged over 1

Are SLA and VLRA batteries the same thing?

By Petra Paulson Yes, SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries and VLRA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries are two different names for the same thing. Both refer to a fully-rechargeable battery containing

Can a high or low ambient temperature hurt the performance of my Sealed Lead-Acid Battery?

By Petra Paulson Absolutely. The ambient temperature of a room or environment can have a huge impact on SLA battery performance. Sealed Lead-Acid batteries are designed to operate at full capacity in

Can I bend the terminals of my sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery?

By Petra Paulson No, you should never bend the terminals of a sealed lead-acid battery. Sealed Lead-acid (SLA) batteries, like the Casil CA631 or the EnerSys NP4-6 , have terminals bonded to the top

Can I throw away an old sealed lead acid alarm battery?

By Petra Paulson NO. Doing so is illegal in many states. Sealed Lead Batteries are made up of some environmentally unfriendly components, including lead and electrolytes, that are highly toxic. Recyc

How do I choose the best replacement battery for my Honeywell Alarm Panel?

By Petra Paulson Size, voltage, and capacity are the three most important factors to consider when choosing the right sealed-lead acid replacement battery for your Honeywell Control Panel . When buyi

How do I connect 12 volt sealed lead-acid batteries in parallel?

By Petra Paulson Before connecting your 6 volt or 12 volt SLA batteries in parallel... Make sure the batteries you're connecting are of the same voltage, capacity, and battery type. Failing to do so

How do I connect SLA batteries in series?

By Petra Paulson Connecting two SLA Batteries in series will double voltage output while keeping the battery capacity (Ah) the same. For example, if you have two UltraTech UT640 batteries, each batte

How do I pick the right charger for my sealed lead-acid battery?

By Petra Paulson Sealed lead-acid batteries, like the PS-1250 , that aren't connected to a control panel or similar float-charging device, will require a sealed lead-acid battery charger. Choosing th

How should I store my sealed lead-acid battery?

By Petra Paulson 6 Volt and 12 Volt Sealed Lead-acid batteries should be stored in accordance with these guidelines to sustain optimum battery performance. 1. Always store batteries fully charged. Ch

What constitutes a deep discharge for an SLA battery?

By Petra Paulson A deep discharge for an SLA battery occurs when the battery depletes a significant percentage of its total capacity. Multiple deep discharges can have an adverse affect on battery li

What does "float charging" mean?

By Petra Paulson Float-charging or trickle-charging occurs when a battery is recharged at a rate equal to the speed in which it discharges. In the case of sealed lead acid alarm batteries , it refers

What does Ah mean on my Sealed Lead-Acid Battery?

By Petra Paulson "Ah" (Ampere hour) ... refers to a battery's discharge current over time. Usually measured against a 20 hour period, Ah is used to determine battery current capacity. It determines t

What factors can affect the life of an alarm battery?

By Petra Paulson There are numerous factors that affect the life of an alarm battery , but the most common are ambient temperature, cycling, and chemistry. Ambient temperature (the temperature of the

What is the best backup battery to use with my residential alarm system?

By Petra Paulson Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) Alarm Batteries, like the Casil CA1240 , provide the most reliable backup power to residential alarm systems, like Honeywell Control Panels . When it comes to

What is the difference between an F1 and F2 battery terminal?

By Petra Paulson All Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries have either F1 or F2 terminals located on the top of the battery. The reason for the difference is to accommodate the different sized wire lead connect

Where is the date code on a Sealed Lead Acid Battery?
By Petra Paulson The date code is stamped on the outside cover of your SLA battery. It is often a 5 digit number in a month/day/year format (MM/DD/Y). The year is represented by a single digit number

Why does my SLA battery need to be constantly recharged every few days?

By Petra Paulson This behavior is unusual, and often results from an old battery or a defective battery charger. Try charging your SLA battery using a different charger and see if you notice any diff

Will my SLA battery suffer from memory effect?

By Petra Paulson No, sealed lead-acid batteries are not constructed of nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride, therefore they do not suffer from the "memory effect". Memory effect... or "battery lazi