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Can a security system also be a Z-Wave controller?

By Petra Paulson The LYNX Touch L5100 is a security panel, keypad, and Z-wave controller all in one. However, the Lynx Touch does require the installation of a  L5100 Z-Wave Module  in orde

Can Z-Wave devices be integrated into a Honeywell security system?

By Petra Paulson Yes, Z-wave devices can be integrated into your security system by using Honeywell keypads, like the Tuxedo Touch and the L5100,  as controllers. Integrating Z-Wave devices into

What Honeywell Control Panels work with Z-Wave?

By Petra Paulson The LYNX Touch and Vista Series Panels can control Z-Wave devices when paired with other devices. The Lynx Touch control panel/keypad requires the installation of the

What is Z-Wave technology?

By Petra Paulson Z-Wave technology is a series of home automated devices, such as lights, locks, thermostats, and other electronics, that can be controlled remotely. Z-Wave devices use low-power, 900

What Z-wave thermostat is the best to use with my Honeywell Security System?

By Petra Paulson When choosing a Z-wave thermostat, you want a device that's easy-to-use, affordable, and reliable. With the ZWSTAT Thermostat , you get the whole package. The ZWSTAT is easy to insta

Will Z-Wave devices interfere with other wireless devices in my home?

By Petra Paulson Most likely, no. Z-Wave devices run on a 900 Mhz frequency that is far lower than most other radio frequency devices. The only wireless device in your home that could receive interfe