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How do I program the 5800CO detector to work with my Honeywell Control Panel?

Last Updated: 12/03/2013

Follow these instructions to program the 5800CO detector into your Honeywell Control Panel.

1. Access the zone programming mode.
2. Type in the zone number you wish to assign to the detector
3. Set the correct zone type (type 14 for Honeywell residential controls)
4. Enter Input 03 / Supervised RF Transmitter
5. To automatically enroll the detector serial number: remove the detector cover, then press and hold the small test button for several seconds. Then repeat once. Reattach the cover and the detector should now be enrolled as Loop 1 on your alarm panel keypad.
6. Exit the programming mode and test the detector by pressing/holding the test button. If the alarm sounds and the device blinks, then the detector is working properly.

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