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Will the 5800 wireless carbon monoxide detector work with my LYNX Touch L5100?

Last Updated: 11/26/2013

Yes, the 5800CO wireless carbon monoxide detector is compatible with your L5100 LYNX Touch control panel.

The 5800CO is an extremely sensitive detector that can monitor low levels of carbon monoxide that can pose significant health risks from prolonged gas exposure. It has a built-in piezo alarm that automatically triggers when dangerous CO levels are reached. Taking your security a step further, the 5800CO is equipped with LED indicators that flash when the battery is low or the sensor isn't working properly.

The LYNX Touch supports up to 63 wireless zones. One of these zones needs to be assigned to the 5800CO in order for the device to transmit signals back to the control panel. Using the 5800CO with the LYNX Touch makes for a truly wireless system, because absolutely no wiring is required other than the AC transformer plug that provides power to the LYNX Touch unit.

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