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How do I mount a 5800CO wireless carbon monoxide detector?

Last Updated: 12/03/2013

Follow these instructions to mount a 5800CO wireless carbon monoxide detector:

1. Find your desired mounting location. (The NFPA recommends installing a detector within 10 feet of every sleeping area, in every room where a fuel-burning appliance is present, and on every inhabited level of the home or commercial facility, excluding attics and crawl spaces)
2. Separate the cover from the backplate by turning the cover counterclockwise.
3. Use screws and wall anchors to mount the detector to a fixed, flat surface.
4. Align the cover with the base and turn it clockwise to snap it back into place.
5. Test the detector by pressing/holding down the 0.18 inch test button with a small screwdriver for 5 seconds. The alarm should sound and the detector should blink. This means your detector is functioning properly.

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