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How do I replace the battery in my 5800CO carbon monoxide detector?

Last Updated: 12/03/2013
To replace the battery in a 5800CO detector...
1. Twist the detector cover counterclockwise to separate it from its base
2. Remove the dead battery and recycle it in accordance with your state's disposal laws
3. Wait 20 seconds before installing a new, CR123A 3V Lithium Battery. Make sure to observe polarity.
4. Reattach the detector cover to the base
5. Press and hold the test button with a small screwdriver. If the detector is working properly, it will sound an alarm and blink.

How to tell if your battery needs replacing...
Every 65 minutes, the detector checks for a low battery. When a low battery is discovered, an alert message is sent to the control panel and a red LED light will flash on the detector once every 45 seconds.

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