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Activate fire alarm systems with a fire alarm pull station. Pull stations are also known as pull switches, featuring a “t-bar” lever on a red box most commonly seen near exits or along walls of most buildings. They are activated when a user uses a single downward motion. Activation of a pull station normally sends a sign to a fire alarm control panel which relays the message to fire officials. Our range at includes a huge collection of fire alarm pull stations that are either single or dual action operated.

Today, at least one fire alarm pull station is required for all public buildings, including, schools, hospitals, prison, daycares, hotels, businesses, and apartments regardless of the automated fire alarm systems and detection devices used. At JMAC, you can find all sorts of single and dual pull stations, including addressable pull stations. Quality pull switches usually have some sort of approval or listing, and feature a corrosion-resistant material along with a handle that can only be reset by an authorized person. A fire alarm pull station is normally the first line of defense to an alarm security system and will do a fantastic job of alerting authorities and bystanders regarding danger within your premises.