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Can E-Digital Series Locks be opened with a remote?

By Petra Paulson Yes. E-Digital Series Keyless Locks , like the E910 and the E-ProR , can be locked and unlocked using the E-Remote. The wireless E-Remote is sold separately from the E-Series Locks.

How do I know when to change the battery on my E-Digital Series Keyless Lock?

By Petra Paulson The low battery indicator light will blink and an audible warning will sound when the battery is low on your E-Digital Series Lock . When the battery is low on an E-digital lock, lik

Is my E-Digital Series Lock backed by a warranty?

By Petra Paulson Yes, E-Digital Series Locks , like the E-930R , are backed by a one year warranty from the date of purchase. In the first 12 months, if the lock becomes defective, the manufacturer w

What are the best batteries to use with my E-Digital Lock?

By Petra Paulson E-Digital locks uses 4 (AA) 1.5V batteries for power. Alkaline batteries are recommended because of their ability to provide stable power to the lock. Avoid mixing battery brands and

What happens if I enter the wrong code into my Lockey E-Digital Keyless Lock?

By Petra Paulson Nothing. The door will only open if the correct user code is entered (or if the proper key is inserted into the lock's keyhole). If the incorrect passcode is entered more than five t