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Are all Lockey keyless locks backed by a manufacturer's warranty?

By Petra Paulson Yes, all Lockey keyless locks are backed by a warranty. However, the length of the warranty differs depending on the lock series. 1. All Lockey mechanical locks, like the 2835MG Leve

Are Lockey keyless locks as secure as traditional keyed locks?

By Petra Paulson Yes, Lockey keyless locks are just as secure as keyed locks, and much more convenient. The reason being that most Lockey keyless locks are completely mechanical and thus are unaffect

Do Lockey Keyless Locks require batteries?

By Petra Paulson Most Lockey keyless locks DO NOT require a battery. Keyless locks like the C-series , M-Series , and 2900 series are entirely mechanical. That means the locks do not operate off of e

How do I change the code on my Lockey Mechanical Keyless Lock?

By Petra Paulson The process for changing combination codes on Lockey Mechanical Keyless Locks is basically the same. The following instructions will work for the following Lockey series: 1000 Series

How do I identify door handling?

By Petra Paulson Most Lockey Keyless locks , like the 2835 AB Lever Lock , have changeable handling that makes it compatible with both left and right-hand doors. That said, you still need to determin

How do I mount my Lockey keyless lock?

By Petra Paulson All Lockey Keyless Locks are mounted differently. Lockey locks come in all different shapes, sizes, and functions. For that reason, there is no universal mounting procedure. The good

What finishes are available for Lockey Keyless Locks?

By Petra Paulson Lockey Keyless Locks are available in up to 9 stylish finishes, depending on the model. These finishes include antique brass, bright brass, satin chrome, satin nickel, jet black, whi

What is a key override feature?

By Petra Paulson Keyless locks with key override features have both a keypad and a traditional keyhole that can be used to gain access to an entryway door. Key override functions can be very useful f

What is a Lockey Keyless Lock?

By Petra Paulson Lockey Keyless Locks function just like traditional locks only they use a combination code instead of a key. Lockey mechanical keyless locks... like the 2835 Lever Lock and the 2210

What is a passage functional keyless lock?

By Petra Paulson A passage functional keyless lock, like the 1600-DC or the 2985 Lever Handle , is often installed on high traffic interior doors or gates. The passage function makes knob and lever l

What is the best lock for a pool gate?

By Petra Paulson The 1150 DC keyless lever lock is a great choice. The 1150 DC is specifically designed for securing pool gates and/or commercial gates. With a passage-functional feature, the lock ca

What is the best lock to use on medicine or liquor cabinets?

By Petra Paulson Lockey's C-120 Surface/Rim Mount Deadbolt is perfect for the job. The C-120 is a lightweight keyless deadbolt that mounts easily to a medicine or liquor cabinet. It's a great choice