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How do you connect the 7847i Internet Communicator to the Vista 128BPT?

Last Updated: 11/07/2013

To install your 7847i internet communicator...  

Shut off the power to the Vista 128BPT Commercial Control Panel by disconnecting the AC transformer and the back-up battery.  Open the 7847i's cover by pushing in the tabs located at the bottom of the device.  Find the terminal strip located on the green circuit board.  Terminals 3-6 on the 7847i must be connected to terminals 6-9 on the Vista 128BPT Control Panel.

Use four-conductor wire to connect:
7847i's 3rd terminal to the Control Panel's 6th terminal.
7847i's 4th terminal to the Control Panel's 7th terminal.
7847i's 5th terminal to the Control Panel's 9th terminal.
7847i's 6th terminal to the Control Panel's 8th terminal. 

Mount the unit using screws and wall anchors.  Insert an Ethernet cable into the 7847i's Ethernet port and connect the other end to your internet router.  
Shut the 7847i cover.  Reconnect your control panel's battery power then its AC power to complete installation. 

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