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Will my UltraTech UT1240 rechargeable alarm battery ever wear out?

Last Updated: 11/25/2013

Yes, your Ultratech UT1240 alarm battery will eventually wear out.

The typical lifespan of a sealed lead-acid alarm battery ranges from 3-5 years (over 1,000 discharge/charge cycles) depending on a myriad of factors, including frequency of use, ambient temperature, depth of cycling, and battery chemistry. Being supplied with a constant "float charge" from the alarm control panel, the UT1240 should have a strong, 5 year service life.

For premium battery performance, make sure your battery is mounted in an area with an ambient temperature around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Prolonged exposure to very hot or cold temperatures can cause battery cells to fail, which will ultimately limit battery capacity and service life.

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