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Why am I getting a low battery indicator on my Vista Panel even though my UT1240 alarm battery is connected?

Last Updated: 11/25/2013

There's a good chance your battery is either disconnected or has died and requires a replacement.

When a 12V, 4Ah sealed lead-acid battery, like the UT1240, is connected properly to a Honeywell Vista Series Alarm Panel, the control panel should automatically trickle charge the battery. This makes sure the battery is always at full capacity in case of a power outage. If a low battery indicator light has appeared on your control panel, check to make sure the red and black wire leads on your panel are properly connected to the terminals on the UT1240 alarm battery. If the leads are connected, then your battery is dead. Most likely, the battery's internal electro-chemical cells have failed, and it has reached the end of its 3-5 year life.

To install a new battery...
Simply disarm your Vista Alarm Panel. Open the panel cover, disconnect the wire leads from UT1240, and dispose of the dead battery in accordance with your state's recycling laws and procedures. Then connect a new UT1240 battery to the red and black wire leads. Close the cover and the low battery indicator should automatically clear.

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