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Securitron offers top notch electromagnetic locks for a wide variety of applications. Their M680 series locks offer a degree of modularity that is unsurpassed, and a sleek, yet functional design. The M680 can include surveillance cameras and motion detectors, depending on your needs. Their M670 series Magnalocks are offer the same powerful 1100 lbs. holding force as the M680, and are energy efficient, and simple to install.

Securitron also offers a line of electromagnetic locks made for interior security, and traffic control, including the M32 series, with its 600 lbs. of holding force. The M34R series Magnalock for interior security for sliding doors, has a 500 lbs. holding force, and has a sleek design. The M38 series features a built-in wire access chamber, and is easy to install.

Securitron offers a line of heavy-duty Magnalocks as well, made for exterior security and places where criminals could potentially cause a large amount of damage. The M62 series has 1200 lbs. of holding force, and also comes in a double door form factor. The M68 series features a built-in wire access chamber much like the M38, but is built for heavy-duty security, having a 1200 lbs. holding force.

The M82B series is made for extremely high security applications, boasting an 1800 lbs. holding force. Securitron also manufactures a line of Shear Aligning Magnalocks, which when installed, are fully concealed into the door. Perfect for low-profile, high security applications.