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  • Barcode Scanners

    Recommended for visitor lobby, time & attendance, turnstile, parking, and point-of-sale applications.
  • Data Converters

    DataBender™ converters allow integration of new or nontraditional devices with existing or traditional devices.

    The Multi-Format DataBender enables dozens of field-selectable conversions.
  • Data Wedges

    The Data Wedge connects to a badge reader and plugs into a computer USB port, then “types” badge data into a software application. This allows the computer to imitate a control panel by collecting the badge data for debugging, or time and attendance.
  • Expansion Modules

    Allows for additional readers and associated door/gate hardware using a two conductor connection (RS-485)
  • OSDP

    Due to advances in technology, the Wiegand protocol can easily be hacked, disabling your access control - or worse. The Security Industry Association's OSDP protocol with Secure Channel is the best defense against hackers.
  • Reader Interfaces

    The SIO-7000 series of solutions provide developers with the Suprex® interface and the Cypress SIO protocol to create custom solutions for access point control and monitoring.
  • Time Displays

    Synchronizes access control panel with displayed time to prevent labor issues.Time drivers and time display components are available.
  • Wired Reader Extenders

    Connect readers to access control panels using existing RS-485, Ethernet, or Fiber Optic to save time & money.

    Connect readers to panels in isolated locations without buying a second control panel.
  • Wireless Handheld Reader

    Get credential reads where you need them, instead of being limited to a fixed reader. Expand your system’s access control capabilities with Cypress Wireless Handheld Readers.
  • Wireless Reader Extenders

    Install readers in elevators, across parking lots, railroad tracks, or in another building. Install readers without trenching or disturbing buildings with asbestos or historical significance
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Formed in 1983 in Florida, Cypress Computer Systems are unique and powerful. The eminent company is known for its versatile and robust electronic security systems and products. Specializing in different, scalable and strong communication solutions, Cypress has been enlisted among the top global brands along with other well-known security hardware manufacturers. The enterprise does not only provide both wired and wireless solutions but its products are made from the best and powerful components using the most advanced technologies. Barcode scanners, data wedges, reader interfaces, OSDP, and wireless handheld readers are the company's best products. Cypress' engineers have formulated a wide range of technological solutions and the company has installed a large number of security systems around the globe.