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What's the difference between the 5818MNL and the 5800RPS?

Last Updated: 11/08/2013

The 5818MNL...

is Honeywell's most popular recessed wireless door/window contact.  Often used in place of the 5800MICRA, the 5818MNL functions just like the 5811 by using magnet gaps to detect when a window opens and closes.  Some users choose to avoid magnet technology near steel doors where the magnetic field could potentially be affected, thus making the 5818MNL sensor less reliable.

The 5800RPS... 

is classified as a plunger-switch because it uses pressure sensors to detect whether a swinging door/window is open or closed.  Other plunger sensors, like the 955PS, are shaped like buttons specifically for sliding doors.  The plunger is designed with a spring that can potentially wear down over time and cause the device to "stick".  This only happens after years and years of repeated use, but explains why the 5800RPS tends to wear out sooner than the 5818MNL.

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