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How do I replace the battery in the 5800RPS wireless door sensor?

Last Updated: 11/19/2013

Replacing the battery...
Because the 5800RPS sensor is recessed, battery replacement becomes just a bit more difficult. Remove the screws holding the sensor in place, then carefully use a flathead screwdriver to slide it out of the drill hole. Open the base of the sensor by placing the head of the screwdriver between the base and the body and turning. Take out the old battery and replace it with a new, ION CR1620 3V lithium cell battery, while making sure to adhere to proper polarity. Use the antenna to carefully slide the base back into place. Return the sensor to its drill hole and screw in the two screws to hold it in place.|

How long does the 5800RPS battery usually last?
The average 5800 RPS battery lasts around 7 years. This of course can fluctuate depending on how frequently the sensor is used. But not to worry, your Honeywell Control Panel will display a low-battery alert for the 5800RPS' corresponding zone number when the battery needs to be replaced.

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