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What is a certificate of alarm and how do I get one in order to get a discount on my homeowners insurance?

Last Updated: 12/02/2013
By A certificate of alarm is a document that verifies you have installed a monitored security system. Your monitoring company sends this document to your home insurance provider, which can qualify you for up to a 20% discount.

Adding smoke and heat detectors to your security system can help you save even more money, since homeowners or renters who protect against theft and fire emergencies with a monitored system have "safer" homes and are therefore less likely to file a claim with their insurance provider. Whether you're purchasing a new security system or planning to add sensors to an existing one, we recommend contacting your insurance company to determine which configuration will provide the greatest savings.

A certificate of alarm specifies:

- the type of alarm service
- name and address of the protected property
- name and address of the alarm service company responsible for issuing the certificate
- description of the equipment
- issue date
- expiration date

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