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What does the "Hush/Test" button do on my System Sensor CO1224T?

Last Updated: 11/26/2013

The Hush/Test button on your System Sensor CO1224T or CO1224TR has two functions:

1. Hush: When an alarm goes off, a user can turn off the alarm for five minutes by pressing this button. For five minutes the red LED light will flash. If the CO1224T still detects high levels of carbon monoxide in the air after the 5 minute delay, the alarm will sound again. If more than 350 ppms of CO are detected in the air, the hush function will be disabled, and the alarm will sound in perpetuity until the air is clear of hazardous gas.

2. Test: Press and hold this button to initiate testing mode. If an LED lights up and the device beeps, you know the sensor is operating properly.

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