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How do I program my 5828V wireless keypad?

Last Updated: 11/18/2013

To program your 5828V Keypad...

Press and hold keys (1) and (3) for 5 seconds on your keypad until the display starts to flash between (--) and (00).

In t1: Press (1) to arrive at the first programming menu. You will see the display alternate between your House ID (2 digits) and (t1). Enter a House ID of your choosing, anywhere in the range of (01)-(31). Whatever ID number you chose needs to be programmed into your wireless control panel as well.

In t2: Press (1) if you have a Vista Series Control Panel, and Press (2) for a LYNX Series System, like the L5100.

In t3: Select the exit delay from the 0-9 options, which correspond to 15 second increments. (1=15 seconds, 2=30 seconds, etc.) This exit delay must match the exit delay on the control panel.

In t4: Enter (0) to deactivate the voice feature, (1) activates the voice feature.

In t5: Enter (1) for original LYNX control panels, (2) for the LYNXR, LYNXR-2, LYNX Plus, L5100, or Vista Control Panels.

In t6: Enter (0) to program a button as a panic button, or (1) to make them arming buttons. Either way, this must match the programming on the control panel as well.

In t7: "EE" will appear on your display. Enter (1) to revert the back to factory default programming, or press (*) to exit programming and save your changes.

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