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How do I change my 5828V keypad's device address?

Last Updated: 11/15/2013

Changing device addresses on the 5828V wireless keypad is different than changing addresses on regular Honeywell Keypads.

Step 1: Programming your House ID

The first step is to find your control panel's House ID code and program that into the 5828V. Consult your Honeywell Control Panel's installation guide for instructions regarding House ID programming. The House ID code is in place to protect your system from being commandeered by a third-party with a bi-directional wireless device.

Step 2: Programming your keypad

On your keypad, press and hold keys (1) and (3) for 5 seconds. The display will begin to shift between (--) and (00). Now press (1), followed by a 2-digit House ID of your choosing, anywhere in the range of (01)-(31). Now press the asterisk (*). Press the asterisk (*) again to back out of the programming menu. Press the asterisk (*) a third time if the 5828V keypad is not connected to a K0991 AC adapter. This will return you to the active display menu.

Click here to see how to address a regular alarm keypad.

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