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920NTNNEK00000 HID | JMAC Supply HID 920NTNNEK00000
Our Price: $206.00
920PTNNEG00000 HID | JMAC Supply HID 920PTNNEG00000
Our Price: $190.00
Discontinued, Call For Replacement
920PTNNEK00000 HID | JMAC Supply HID 920PTNNEK00000
Our Price: $239.32
921PTNNEK00000 HID | JMAC Supply HID 921PTNNEK00000
Our Price: $479.00
920NTNNEG00000 HID | JMAC Supply HID 920NTNNEG00000
Our Price: $166.00
920NTNTEK00000 HID | JMAC Supply HID 920NTNTEK00000
Our Price: $206.00
921PTNNEK0001V HID | JMAC Supply HID 921PTNNEK0001V
Our Price: $413.66
920PTNNEK00453 HID | JMAC Supply HID 920PTNNEK00453
Our Price: $234.00
921PTNNEK00455 HID | JMAC Supply HID 921PTNNEK00455
Our Price: $547.00
Enhance the security of your access control through data encryption and mutual authentication with iClass Readers. iClass devices have exclusive technology made by HID that merges the functionality of a magnetic stripe with a smart contactless card. With iClass Readers, you can get better communication with doors because it uses RFID technology compared to the low frequency that comes standard with proximity cards. We carry many models from top brands like HID to suit the needs of your door security project.