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  • 3000/8000 Series

    The 3000/8000 series includes Surface Vertical Rods, Mortise Exits, Concealed Vertical Rods, Rim Exits, Dummy Push Bar, and options for 3000/8000 Series.
  • EX Series

    The EX Series includes Rim Exits, Concealed Vertical Rods, Dummy Push Bars, and options for EX Series Exit Devices.

Keep your doors ready to open in emergency conditions with Adams Rite exit devices.

Exit devices (door panic) hardware allow people inside a building to quickly exit through doors that are locked from the outside without having to unlock them. Because they play an important role in the safety and security of human lives as well as property, they are required by building codes and fire departments for many public buildings and rooms with more than 50 people. JMAC delivers a wide range of premium quality Adams Rite panic bars that can be used with metal and wood doors – and that work with both single and double door applications.

We carry dummy push bars, concealed vertical rods, and rim exits from the Adams Rite EX Series. We also have surface vertical rods, mortise exits, concealed vertical rods, rim exits and dummy push bars from the 3000/8000 Series to fit your requirements. Browse our inventory to find the right units so you can ensure the safety of your personal and customers, as well as keep up with local building requirements. JMAC support technicians can help you find the right units for your door specifications. Get in touch at 516-812-0917.