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  • Manual Pull Stations & Pull Station Accessories

    Manual pull stations are one of our signature products—and your strongest protection.
    There’s a strong chance you have already spent time in a building or complex protected by Sigcom manual alarm stations. Sigcom SG and SGX fire alarm pull stations are the first choice for fire protection companies around the world and are found in the most critical environments: commercial buildings, industrial facilities, municipal buildings, military bases, churches, and college campuses. Your customers are always their safest when Sigcom manual pull stations are standing watch.
  • SENTRY Manual Pull Station Cover

    With SENTRY™ standing watch, you get first-in-class fire alarm pull station protection from false alarms and damage.

    If you want your pull station to be pulled only in case of emergency, you need powerful manual pull station cover protection. Just like Sigcom manual pull stations, SENTRY™ Pull Station Covers are the industry standard for keeping manual pull stations safe from weather, vandalism and environmental damage.
  • Emergency and Industrial Signaling Products

    Sigcom emergency communication and alert signals cut through the noise of even the loudest and harshest environments. That’s why you will find rugged and reliable Sigcom signals standing guard over factories, military complexes, schools and more across the country. Each Sigcom emergency signal is designed to save lives, property, time, and money, and is manufactured to our rigorous standards.
  • Voice Evacuation Systems

    VECP Series voice evacuation systems are designed and manufactured to the highest regulatory standards and are used to protect schools, factories, healthcare facilities, places of worship, and military facilities across the country. They connect to any FACP and many systems require no additional programming in the field. Each powerful VECP Voice Evacuation panel is packed with features to lower total cost of installation and enhance fire alarm voice evacuation capability.
  • Mass Notification Systems

    Our MNS-100 Series Mass Notification Systems don’t just share lifesaving instructions across virtually any size area with ease—they are also designed to be easy to install by seamlessly integrating with most host alarm systems, saving time and installation cost. When integrated with Sigcom’s long range radio technology for wide area MNS applications, the same radio network that delivers emergency signals from fire and security alarm systems to a dispatch center can also carry live voice instruction to MNS-100 Series panels virtually anywhere. Each MNS-100 system is custom engineered by Sigcom to address the needs of each end-user application.
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