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PDB-8C8R Securitron | JMAC Supply Securitron PDB-8C8R Power Output with Access Control Relay and Fire Trigger Relay, 8 PTC Outputs

Securitron PDB-8C8R Power Distribution 8 PTCOutput

Our Price: $85.65
PDB-8F8R Securitron | JMAC Supply Securitron PDB-8F8R Power Output with Access Control Relay and Fire Trigger Relay, 8 Fused Outputs

Securitron PDB-8F8R Power Distribution Board, 8 Fused outputs, Fire Trigger/Relay

Our Price: $86.25

The PDB-8F8R and 8C8R Power Distribution boards offer a multitude of options and easy installation for a variety of situations. Connection is simple due to the removable terminal blocks, which are also pluggable by channel and function. The power boards can be used anywhere thanks to a universal 11 to 27.5 VDC power input. You can control and split the energy coming off of a power supply into eight outputs, each with protected continuous output and relay controlled output. You are able to specify exactly what kind of alerts you want to receive, and which triggers should be used. Each input and output can be uniquely configured to accommodate different conditions.

Both models have 7 Amp individual relays with green trigger status LEDs that draw 10ma of current. These relays have input control for each output, and the End of Line (EOL) resistor trigger will turn off any output relays that have been specified. One standard example of how this works is in the case of a fire alarm. The resistor trigger would be connected to the alarm panel through the contacts. If the alarm trips, any relays that have been configured would be de-energized. This would protect people in the building by, for instance, unlocking electric doors, shutting down air systems, or returning elevators to the ground floor.

Each output can be customized to enable or disable the fire trigger, be Normally Open or Normally Closed, or have continuous output. The relay inputs can be set as a Normally Open switch, a Normally Closed switch, or a low current open collector.

The Control Power and Main Lock Power have two position un-pluggable terminal blocks. The Control blocks power the relay coils, and the Main Lock blocks power the outputs and the Control through J1 and J2 jumpers. These two powers come connected together by the jumpers, but they can be isolated to two different power supplies if so desired. A separated power source configuration hasn't been evaluated by UL, however.

The 8F8R has 0.5 Amp fused outputs, and a dry/wet option where the (+ Power) can be connected to the swing arm of a relay through a fuse, or the fuse can be removed changing the (+ Power) to the Common Swing Arm. It is UL 294 recognized, and CAN/ULC 5533-M87, UL 603, and ULCS318 listed. The 8C8R has 1.23 Amp PTC Class 2 power limited outputs.

The boards come an efficiently compact size for all the features they offer. They are 3.73" high, 4.82" wide and 0.8" wide with 3.41" high and 4.49" wide mounting. They ship at about one pound. A MagnaCare lifetime replacement warranty covers any malfunction with a no fault policy.