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CCTV A/V Distribution S-Video Distribution
CCTV Baluns and Distribution hubs for transmitting Power, Audio, Video and PTZ control signals via Cat5
A/V Baluns and Distribution Hubs for transmitting S-Video, Audio, Video, and IR signals via Cat5
S-Video Baluns and Distribution Hubs for transmitting S-Video signals via Cat5
DVI VGA/RGB/Composite Video CATV / RF / Broadband Video
DVI video baluns and extender kits for transmitting primarily DVI signals via Cat5
VGA/RGB/Comp. Video Baluns for transmitting primarily VGA signals via Cat5
CATV/RF Video Baluns and Distribution Hubs for transmitting broadband cable and RF signals
HDMI Wall Plate Baluns USB
HDMI Baluns and Distribution Hubs for transmitting HDMI signals via Cat5
Wall Plate Baluns for transmitting S-Video, VGA, Audio, Video, and IR signals via Cat5 through attractive wall plates
USB Baluns and Distribution Hubs for transmitting USB signals via Cat5
Accessories Digital AV
Accessories for Baluns and Distribution Hubs
Digital AV components for high quality sound switching and transmission
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Muxlab 500009 CCTV Screw Terminal Balun Muxlab 500019 VideoEase Analog Audio Balun w/ Screw Terminals Muxlab 500027 Stereo Audio Balun
Our Price: $16.95
Our Price: $25.60
Our Price: $33.95
500009 Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500019 Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500027 Muxlab | JMAC Supply
Muxlab 500039-2PK Stereo Hi-Fi Video Balun (2 Pack) Muxlab 500058-2PK VideoEase Component Video/ Stereo Audio Balun (2 Pack) Muxlab 500302-2PK VideoEase CATV Balun II (2 Pack)
Our Price: $72.02
Our Price: $176.00
Our Price: $68.50
500039-2PK Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500058-2PK Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500302-2PK Muxlab | JMAC Supply
Muxlab 500701-2PK HD-SDI Balun 2-Pack Muxlab 500048 VideoEase Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Male Balun Muxlab 500052 Component Video/Analog Audio Balun (Male)
Our Price: $78.95
Our Price: $49.65
Our Price: $59.95
500701-2PK Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500048 Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500052 Muxlab | JMAC Supply
Muxlab 500401 HDMI Econo Plus Extender Kit Muxlab 500040 VGA Balun II, Male Plug-in VGA Balun (PC Side) Muxlab 500041 VGA Balun II, Female Receptacle VGA Balun (Monitor Side)
Our Price: $174.00
Our Price: $56.65
Our Price: $64.49
500401 Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500040 Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500041 Muxlab | JMAC Supply
Muxlab 500042 VGA Balun II, Male Plug-in VGA Balun (Monitor Side) Muxlab 500001 Stereo Audio-Video Balun Muxlab 500016 VideoEase S-Video Balun
Our Price: $49.99
Our Price: $52.50
Our Price: $24.50
500042 Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500001 Muxlab | JMAC Supply 500016 Muxlab | JMAC Supply
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MuxLab Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of connectivity solutions that allow CCTV and Audio-Video equipment to be connected via cost-efficient Cat5e/6 copper twisted pair in the structured cabling environment. For over 25 years, the Muxlab brand has been synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. Muxlab video baluns streamline cabling by reducing material, space and installation costs. Even after installation, Muxlab video balun products help save time and money by facilitating moves, adds and changes. Muxlab products are found in applications such as CCTV security and surveillance, classroom video, digital signage, home theater, guestroom entertainment, podium presentation and boardroom projection systems to name a few. The flexibility, cost-effective structuring and versatility is why customers put their trust in a Muxlab balun.

Muxlab offers a wide variety of CCTV baluns for connecting multiple cameras over long distances to DVRs or any other devices. They also offer multiple types of A/V balun and S video balun, which are typically used in pairs, for simplified entertainment system installations, as well as a variety of solutions for extending HDMI over long distances with economical Cat5 cable.

Muxlab also offers a selection of hubs and distribution switches that allow routing and splitting of a single or multiple signals from single or multiple inputs to single or multiple outputs, depending on the device, for splitting one input to multiple outputs or viewing multiple inputs on one output.

The video balun industry is saturated with manufacturers that produce products that are unreliable, technically inferior and extremely lacking in support. Muxlab, in co-operation with JMAC Supply, is working steadily to break that tradition by providing quality video balun offerings that can outperform everything else in it's class, with a simplified learning curve and expandability that is unrivaled in it's class. See for yourself why Muxlab is one of the top names in the Cat5 balun industry.